I utilize performance, video and installation to expose the body as a hybrid-type living in the complexity of its territory; that being a psychic-spiritual space, geo-political land or intra-social landscapes. 

My concern lies on comprehending the borderlines between these places. For instance: how can a person’s past life interject with a political decision? Or how can mythological symbolism inform biological structure? The body (only when present) can express its hybridity to its full extent – it connects to its historical, political, biological, mythological, emotional, spiritual and extraterrestrial ancestries (between others).

The endless amount of positions a body can withhold and borders it can cross is the same amount of bridges it can make. Carrying out the idea that the Body lives in a system, which can transform its paradoxes once in profound relationship with all its positions. As such, every boundary is a war we created with the possibility to be transcended.

As a part Brazilian and part United States of American body, I am concerned with the ‘diasporian’ body of the America’s and the territorial wars and chronic illness it has manifested upon itself, the construction of its failed system and on its dysfunctional relationship to the land.